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ASP Announces Ten Winners for "Best Web Support Sites of 2017"

Press Release
Sandy, Oregon

By Al Hahn
June 13, 2017

The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) has announced this year’s winners of it’s annual Top Ten Support Websites competition. The Top Ten are listed below in alphabetical order for each group. There are no rankings in this competition. Winners either make the Top Ten or they don’t. Each website is ranked by at least 5 independent judges on 25 different criteria. Scoring criteria are listed here: Each company competes against companies of similar size, so smaller companies have an equal chance of winning. Judges are volunteers who have been vetted by ASP as qualified and are also screened to have no conflicts of interest for the specific sites that they judge. Most judges are professionals that build and/or maintain similar websites for a living or are consultants who help companies construct such websites. This competition has been ongoing since 1998. Hall of Fame winners who have each won four or more times include Cisco, Dell Software (originally listed as Dell), Juniper Networks, Intel Security (formerly McAfee), Microsoft, and Red Hat. Cisco has now been in the Top Ten 14 times out of 19 years, more than any other company. Tricentis joins the hall of Fame with this year's placement in the Top Ten.

Every company that enters the competition receives a customized report detailing their average scores in all 25 categories and the average for their size company, along with specific judges comments that typically help them to know how and where to improve their sites. A report of the overall competition will be released in about six weeks. This approximately 120 page report includes an essay on each winning website, average scoring for the three sizes of companies, an analysis of trends revealed by this year’s competition, and related information. These and other reports are free to members of ASP and available for non-members to purchase. The 2017 Top Ten winners are listed below in alphabetical order.

Large Company (over $1 billion)
Quest (formerly Dell Software)
Red Hat

Medium Sized Company ($100 million to $999 million)
Ivanti (formerly LANDESK)
JDA Software

Small Company (under $100 million)

The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) was founded in 1995 by Jeffrey Tarter. The association currently has approximately 1000 members, most in North America, approximately 200 in Europe, and another 100 scattered between Australia and Asia. Members are mostly managers, directors, and executives of service and support organizations both internal and external. Individual membership is only $150 per year and there is a corporate membership program as well. ASP also has a free LinkedIn group of over 7,600 interested parties. More information about ASP and the Top Ten competition is here: or contact our executive director, Al Hahn (